Our Services

Our Services

Imagine a new lifestyle that stands out for the high standard of services, specifically designed for you. A trusted person to rely on, the House Manager. Imagine private gardens, exclusive amenities and comfortable shared living spaces, all within a safe and secure environment.

House Manager

Imagine if you could count on a trusted person who assists you in the little things of every day, from welcoming your guests, to collecting the post, helping you doing the shopping online, making suggestions for organising an evening at home with friends. All this is about to become reality with Real Care. All your needs, from the smallest to the largest can be addressed to and taken care of by the House Manager, "the heart” of our developments. Someone to refer to, trusted, competent and professional.

Private garden areas in which to relax and enjoy nature

Imagine if in your house there was a garden in which to enjoy moments of relaxation and leisure, whenever you wish, in the morning with a coffee and croissant, in the afternoon with a cup of tea or in the evening with a drink with friends or relatives. This is no longer a dream; Real Care is making this happen. You'll relax in a private garden connected to other leisure and recreational areas, an oasis of green in the heart of the city and at the centre of your home. A valuable space to enjoy in every season, created and maintained for you but where you are welcome to contribute with your own gardening skills.

The Bistrot

Imagine in your house a place to have breakfast, share a light lunch or have a drink with friends, and a conveniece store where you can find fresh food daily, the ingredients of your latest recipe or choose something special for dinner. Real Care has created a bistrot for its residents but which is also open to the public. A place of leisure, where the life of the city meets the life of the house, a space constantly on the move.

A wide range of services to suit all your needs

Imagine if you had a wide range of personalised services available on request. A large lounge, a fitness area where pilates or fitness courses are organised, a games room and a library in which to sit quietly and to read a book, a newspaper or just watch TV. A place to meet friends or make new relationships. A home within a home, a place to enjoy sharing experiences with others, at any time of the day. Imagine a home with services addressed specifically to your needs, from general housework or laundry to assistance in organising a private dinner. A house that cares about the well-being of its residents, from a personal trainer or a physiotherapist. Services are the centre of the house, where daily well-being finds its highest expression. As in any new reality, other services will be created for and together with the people who use them, in order to suit their specific needs.

The confidence of feeling safe

Imagine if you could always feel protected. The presence of the House Manager and the built-in security and remote surveillance systems will give you this assurance. In addition, you can count on 24H assistance. A modern house, designed to the highest energy saving ratings, featuring the latest technology and equipment, and more. Each Real Care home will be managed by highly qualified staff specially dedicated to the well-being of its residents. Reporting directly to Real Care, House Managers will form an integrated team that will always guarantee the best level of service to its residents.

If until now you could only imagine a house like this, thanks to Real Care you now have the opportunity to live in it. A qualified and professional project, which draws from successful examples in other countries. A new way of living, which enables you to maintain your independence and peace of mind.