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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for living in a Real Care scheme?

Real Care apartments are reserved to those aged 60 and above. This minimum age requirement needs to be satisfied by at least one of the residents of the apartment.

Who is eligible to buy a Real Care apartment?

No minimum age requirement applies on the purchaser/owner of the apartment. Anyone can buy or own a Real Care home.

What is the impact of the service charges?

The Real Care schemes are built with a specific focus on energy saving solutions and managed in a transparent manner so that the costs of the services, which are shared between all owners, are made more competitive than traditional condominiums.

What happens in case of inheritance?

In case the apartment is inherited by a person younger than 60, the new owner can choose to sell it, with the support of Real care, or rent it out until the minimum age threshold is reached.

What are the responsibilities of the House Manager?

The House Manager is the main point of reference for the residents and will be responsible for the perfect state of the property and the seamless operation of the services. The House Manager can be contacted for the needs of everyday life such as making a reservation for a pilates lesson in the indoor gym, assisting you doing the shopping online or watering flowers when you are on holiday.

What is the guest suite?

Our schemes include a guest suite which can be used by friends, guests and relatives who come to visit the residents and who will be able to share the Real Care experience and atmosphere.

Where was the Senior Living model developed first?

The model was first developed in Australia and New Zealand where it experienced a rapid growth, achieving a market penetration of around 5% of the total senior population.

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